It has finally become an anime. I. I am completely hyped for the following episodes to come. First episode, brilliant. Bringing the main points, half expecting for them to  reveal what actually happened on board but that will most likely be in episode 2 and I’m totally cool with that. You get this feeling of being rewarded when you are a manga editor, whether it be for scanlation groups or the simple wannabes like myself, and you see a manga you spot being made into an animation; it’s absolutely thrilling.
     I recommend watching this series like no other. If the series progresses faithfully to the manga with it’s own expected little perks here and there, I will predict that it will hit off better than SAO as a rivalling game-turn-reality/reality-turn-game anime. For any of those that are being lured into this advertisement, let me coax you in a little more with these dotpoints:

  • Action, hints of romance that hopefully are not accentuated in the anime
  • Bombs, no guns, and one taser
  • Blood and guts (that is only if they follow the manga)
  • Survival from both types; the strong and the smart
  • Kill for your freedom
  • This is for all the gamers around the world

Junya Inoue, thank you for reeling me into your beautiful world of tactics and games. Kotono Watanabe, please recreate the manga in all it’s glory.

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