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Sometimes I feel like this whole thing is a joke. Nothing adds up.


The bosses left early today. I got to work with one of my friends I hadn’t worked with in a while. Work was the only thing that cheered me up.


You know what one of the nicest feelings are when you’re in a relationship? Napping in the afternoon sun next to (or on) that one person who makes you feel just that little bit more complete. As corny as it does sound it has got to be one of the most relaxing things you can do in your day.

     Apart from that I’ve started up a little turmoil within the walls of my house. Doesn’t look too great but I’m sure it’ll pass soon enough. More on this later then.


untitled by tobimaru on Flickr.

»untitled by Taka s on Flickr«
Sooo I took part in a three-day open water diving course at Pro Dive Manly over Mon/Tues/Wed. I took the course with a friend and his friend, sleeping over my friend’s house while the course ran. I live 2~2.5hrs away from the coast and classes started 09:30; I’m not all too keen on jumping out of bed as soon as I jump into. We mostly filled out stomachs with junk food during whatever junk food runs we went on. Can’t lie but they were pretty fun.
     The first day was theory and completing our swimming requirements, surprisingly aced through everything. Swimming requirements consisted of a 10mins of treading water and a continuous 200m swim of the oh-so-small-sized pool. If I had known that goggles would not be provided, I would have brought my own but I managed to survive without them. Two claps for me!
     Second day we learned our diving techniques, emergency procedures, and all that jazz. I did fairly well up until we had to go on our first fun dive in the afternoon. I suffered a panic attack under water and had to resurface and swim back to shore. The feeling of defeat, disappointment, and embarrassment all at the same time is probably one of the worst things that could ever wash over me.
     Third and last day was probably the best. I managed to keep myself calm despite having troubles during my first descent (I didn’t have enough weight therefore could not sink/descend), and completed all three required dives; two skills dives and one fun dive. Deepest point reached during my dives was 11m; can’t lie to you I’m pretty amazed and impressed.
     The most exciting things I saw down there were probably the stingrays, wobbegongs and Port Jacksons, and a cuttlefish. I was successful in copping a feel of a Port Jackson shark, almost unintentionally descended on the stingray and cuttlefish aaand stayed well away from the wobbegong.
     Because I didn’t complete Day Two of the three-day course I have to come back next week to do one dive with them. I plan to do this on Tuesday then maybe sleep over my boy’s house because holidays. Diving has made me appreciate my current weight and has educated me on how fucking weak I am, seriously need dem guns to carry all that gear. Good times yo!

Cannot trust a fucking word anyone says these days.



The feeling of oncoming sickness caused from either stress, actual illness, or both, coupled with stress and nerves? I’m very much afraid for my physical health at the moment. This week will be an uphill battle.

金、7月11日 (after hours)

I just wanted tea, I don’t know what I’ve done to deserve this kind of treatment from inanimate objects.

     I’m one of those people who get excited when she’s the one who gets to break the seal on food products first. This includes things like breaking the tin cover in the big Milo tins, peeling the seal off a new tub of margarine, opening a new bottle of milk, etc etc. So when I plan on making tea for the first time in a while after buying them earlier in the day, I expect a very satisfying experience.

     The plastic wrap has one of those ‘pull-me-golden-string’ things that goes around the box for easy access. And what happens? It cuts the plastic away from the golden string and just ends a couple of millimeters from where I started pulling. This leaves me the grudgingly claw the plastic off.

     After 15 minutes of sitting here in utter defeat with the company of my brewed but untouched tea, I am very disappoint.

     Yes. These things matter.


I’m not a funny person. I amuse people only because I am something to laugh at, not with. So when I attempt to bust out a joke on my boyfriend, you can only imagine things did not end well. I tend to ruin jokes because I don’t understand them, but he ruins jokes because he already knows them or understands too much of it. We are a couple that survives despite being on completely different wavelengths. I don’t know how we do it, and he probably hasn’t a clue either.

i ask despite knowing the answer. it’s one of the smallest things but i can’t really lie, it hurts a bit. doesn’t hurt to ask? i beg to differ this time.


Uneventful, trained with a friend at the uni studio then walked around the city alone hoping for some StreetPass hits and good food. It’s one of the rare times I spend in the city alone since company is not v. hard to find. Funny I say that, towards the end of the night I bumped into one of my mates and we went for some ice cream before heading home.


Finally up to date with Game of Thrones after many comp sessions with le boyfriend at uni, and I will say this; season four is the most painfully slow season out of the current four.


So instead of taking a small sample of tissue from my mole for testing, the doc… I’ll just drop the chat here:

Doc: So what did you want checked up today?Me: I just wanted to get a mole on my back looked at. The other night it started itching and feels lumpy.Doc: Any discoloration or change in size?Me: Not that I’m aware of-Doc: Let’s take a look, shall we?Doc: -inspects mole-Doc: Ah, okay it looks like there were changes you know I cut out now very safe it only take fives minutes just move to the other room and I be with you in a moment (if you have to know, he was Chinese).Me: Oh oka- wait. What? Now? But I…

It actually took 30 minutes; 25 waiting for him to get to me as he attended another person on the other side of the curtain, and 5 minutes actually cutting my signature mole out of my back. He really wasn’t joking. Doctors are just very persuasive people.